Cecil Wilson
Mason Cook in Spy Kids- All the Time in the World
"Now you met my dark side" - Cecil
Vital statistics
Title Agent C
Gender Male
Race human
Faction Spy
Health 100
Level 1
Status Alive
Location Glendale, Arizona

Cecil Wilson is Rebecca Wilson's smart twin and Maria's older brother who has a contentious relationship with Marissa Cortez Wilson, his stepmother. His father is Wilbur Wilson. When Marissa leaves a necklace that The Timekeeper wants from Rebecca. Cecil and Rebecca team up with their cousins Juni and Carmen to save their stepmother. He gets his own gadgets called Hammer Hands and Stompers. He is hearing impaired and uses hearing aids, and has increased his senses of smell. He also takes from Wilbur because he wants to be a spy hunter. Cecil likes to eat junk food including cheese puffs, candy, and cereal. He can really fight with his Hammer Hands and he even knows anagrams and can get access by unscrambling letters to anything that can't be unlocked as he learned it from video games, he owns a Nintendo DSI. Rebecca sometimes punches him in the arm and he says "ouch". Cecil is bullied by a kid who makes him do his homework. He is also known to have motion sickness. Played by Mason Cook.

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